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William Jacobson Cornell Law Professor

William A. Jacobson is Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Securities Law Clinic at Cornell Law School. Prof. Jacobson is a 1981 graduate of Hamilton College and a 1984 graduate of Harvard Law School. At Harvard he was Senior Editor of the Harvard International Law Journal and Director of Litigation for the Harvard Prison Legal Assistance Project.

Prior to joining the Cornell law faculty in 2007, Prof. Jacobson had a highly successful civil litigation and arbitration practice in Providence, Rhode Island, concentrating in investment, employment, and business disputes in the securities industry, including many high profile cases reported in leading newspapers and magazines.

A more complete listing of Professor Jacobson’s professional background is available at the Cornell Law School website.

Professor Jacobson is the founder of Legal Insurrection Blog, which went live on October 12, 2008, originally at Google Blogger.  Legal Insurrection hit its one-millionth visit about 11.5 months later, its second million a few months after that, and since then readership and linkage from major websites have grown dramatically.  More about Legal Insurrection appears at its  About Page.

In August 2012, Professor Jacobson opened a related blog, College Insurrection.

The best way to reach Prof. Jacobson by e-mail is here.

William Jacobson Cornell Law School

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William A. Jacobson Cornell Law School

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